Billiards Betting – Types of Bets and Some Forms of Play


Cá độ Bida is currently becoming popular and many bettors choose to participate with many outstanding advantages. The rules of the game are relatively simple, everyone can easily learn and grasp. Next, let’s learn a little about the types of bets and rules of some popular forms of Billiards with Hi88!

Introducing some information about Billiards betting at Hi88

Billiards is a sport that has been around for a long time, where colorful marbles move on the table. Participants will use cues to hit the balls, causing them to move and collide with other balls. Depending on the purpose of scoring for the type of Billiards, players will have the appropriate playing style.

Introducing some information about Billiards betting at Hi88.
Introducing some information about Billiards betting at Hi88.

Not simply an entertaining game, Billiards is also a subject for those who love betting, predicting and challenging their bravery. Billiards games will take place on the online platform, bookmaker Hi88 will provide tournaments and live streams from many parts of the world, with the participation of top players. Players can easily track match schedules, odds and place bets quickly with just a few simple steps.

Introducing some famous and easy-to-play forms of Billiards betting

Currently, Hii88 offers many diverse forms of Billiards betting for players to participate and experience betting, popular ones include:

  • Carom – Phang Billiards: With 2 main forms: 1-cushion Phang Billiards and 3-cushion Phang Billiards. Use a 1.5x3m table, smooth, without holes or mesh pockets.
  • Pool – Billiards Holes: With 6 holes including 4 corners of the table and 2 holes located in the middle of the 2 long edges of the table, diverse genres such as:
  • 7-ball: 7 regular balls and 1 cue ball.
  • 8-ball: Divide 2 groups of balls from 1 to 7 and 8 to 15, put them in the hole in order.
  • 9-ball: Sink the balls in order from smallest to largest.
  • 10-ball: Similar to 9-ball but with 10 balls.
  • 16-ball: 7 yellow, 7 red, 1 black.
  • Straight pool: With a goal of 125-150 points, points will be scored by putting the ball in the hole. When there is only 1 regular ball and the cue ball left, 14 new balls will appear, each holed ball is 1 point and the player must clearly indicate which hole the ball is in.
  • One-pocket: Each person has 1 hole, try to put the ball in their hole, if the hole is wrong, the ball returns to the original place, minus 1 point. If you put the ball in both holes, no points will be added or points deducted. If the ball is put into the opponent’s hole, the opponent gets 1 point.
Some forms of Billiards betting are famous and easy to play.
Some forms of Billiards betting are famous and easy to play.

Basic types of Billiards betting options for bettors at Hi88 bookmaker

The playground is providing many different Billiards betting doors for participating bettors to choose and experience, some quality doors such as:

Predict the winning hand of the match

Betting window: Predicting the winning hand is the simplest and most traditional betting method in combat sports such as billiards, snooker, billiards, etc. Choosing this betting window, players only need to bet on the bet. Guess which hand will win the selected match.

Billiards betting handicap betting

Handicap betting, also known as Handicap, is a popular form of betting when betting on Billiards, similar to other sports such as football or basketball. This bet plays an important role in balancing the odds between two hands (or two teams) whose real strength is too different.

Basic types of Billiards betting that bettors need to know.
Basic types of Billiards betting that bettors need to know.

Half/full match bets

This is a type of bet in which participants will predict the result after the first 4 frames of a Billiards match. For full-match bets, players will predict the final result of the match.

Score after the first 4 frames

Billiards betting points after the first 4 frames. Billiards needs to ensure that those 4 frames are completed and the result is clearly determined. Players will predict the total score of the two players after the first 4 frames of competition.

Bet on over/under

Over/Under betting is a popular form of Billiards betting on different sports. Accordingly, bookmaker Hi88 will determine a specific total score for two players in a Billiards match. Bettors only need to predict whether the total score of the two hands will be higher or lower than the number previously given by the house.

1st frame – 3rd frame

In the period from the first to the third frame, bettors will place bets by predicting which player will be the first to win in 3 frames. Additionally, that player must win at least 3 frames for this bet to count.


Above is information on how to quickly and easily participate in Billiards betting at bookmaker Hi88 for bettors. Everyone should read the instructions carefully and master the types of bets to ensure your experience!